Applied Psychology

Programme Description

The Department of Applied Psychology is one of the latest additions to the Central University of Andhra Pradesh. The course offered by the department is M.Sc Applied Psychology. The course curriculum is structured so that the students who successfully complete the course will be well equipped to apply psychological knowledge to various areas of personal and professional life. The department has a good laboratory with essential equipment for the students to learn the basics of experimental psychology, psychological testing using pen and paper tests as well as computerised testing. The students have an opportunity to do two internship programs as part of their course curriculum which gives them first-hand experience of applying learnt skills in real world settings. Regular seminars and presentations are organized to help students widen their understanding of the subject. The library houses quality books from reputed authors and publishers in Psychology which are a source of great enrichment of knowledge for students. The student population of the department is diverse, having students from different parts of the country. The teachers are well qualified persons who are dedicated and committed to imparting knowledge to the students.

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Faculty Profile

 Dr. Chelli Kavya  
 Assistant Professor
 Dr. Rohini Shivananda  
 Visiting Professor
 Dr. Sali Suneetha Kumari