About Central Library

  The Central Library of the Institute was established in the year 2019 with a mission to support and facilitate learning and teaching by providing information resources, facilities, and services. In accordance with the objectives of the Institute, the Library aims to develop a comprehensive and dynamic collection of resources including e-resources which will be useful for the faculty and students, supporting their scholarly advancements. The library balances its efforts towards supporting both the educational and research functions of the institution.  
  The Central Library is in a fast-growing stage. To enhance circulation services and allow users to issue, return, renew, and check library account themselves. It has also helped fortify security of library holdings, complemented by the introduction of CCTV within the library.  
  The Central Library added 1000 printed books including textbooks and reference books on Engineering, Science, and Humanities & Social Sciences during this period.  
  Total number of resources available in Central Library presently are as follows:  
Books & References   15000
Newspapers   7
English Magazines   19
Telugu Magazines   6